Thursday, 23 June 2016

Hack coins in jet pack joyride using cheat engine

Hello friends, today i am going to show you how to hack coins in jetpack joyride in windows 10 pc. Here i am using cheat engine to hack the game. If you don't know what is "cheat engine" and you don't have it, then click here to download it.

So let's get started

First of all the things which we need are:

  • Cheat engine
  • internet connection turned off

Step one:  open jetpack joyride

Step two: open "The Stash" and note down the money

Step3: Now turn off your Wifi connection
Step4: Open the Cheat engine

Step5: Click the highlighted button to select a process and search jetpack and select the process shown below, and open it in cheat engine

Step6: Now enter the value of money in the search bar as shown below and click "
first scan"

Step7: Now use some money and buy some thing and note down the value of amount that changed and enter that value in search box and click"next scan", you have to repeat this process until you get either two or three files in cheat engine.

Step8: Now select all the processes and click the red arrow in cheat engine and select change value and enter the value you want to have as your money. Now you can have as much money as you can..

If you have any doubt about the game, you can watch my video here, and also feel free to contact me if you want any assitance.